Your Inner Surfer Is Always Knocking

Bring the beach back to your place with DoorBoards.

Make every greeting personal.

Your home is your space, an escape from the rest of the world; shouldn’t it reflect everything about you? From Dumay Gorham of Dumay Gorham Designs, LLC, comes a brand new way to customize your front door. DoorBoards are individualized surfboard-shaped door knockers, created exclusively by this Wilmington artist. Specializing in metal sculpture, design, and fabrication projects, he applies his expert technique to shaping high quality stainless steel components into iconic surfboard shapes. These are then hand-painted or decorated with custom printed graphics using any number of color combinations and designs (including your own). Easily installed, DoorBoards will help tell all of your visitors that a proud surfer is at home before they can even knock on your door.

Check out some of the latest DoorBoards to come out of the studio!

Ready to make waves?

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Knock Knock =_=